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Paramotor Training and Equipment: About Us – Paramotor Experts at your service!



Paramotor dealers are easy to find, but when you are looking for quality products, great prices and pristine customer service, give us a call.


TotallyAwesome.com is one of the highest ranking Paramotor stores in the world!


We at TotallyAwesome.com have been recognized for our excellence in customer service and always being willing to go the extra mile.  We offer a wide variety of products including all the major paramotor brands.

Purchasing a Paramotor is what we are here to help you do.

We are dedicated to bringing you high quality merchandise at the best price.  All of us here at TotallyAwesome.com are experienced paramotor pilots that want to pass on our knowledge to you. Our passion for the sport is evident in everything we do, just check out our testimonial page!

Paramotor Dreaming For more information on owning a Paramotor or learning to fly, give us a call!

Please be aware of the scams that are all over the web.  It is important to understand that just because someone says that they can train you and that they know about paramotor gear and flying, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have your best interest in mind.  There are some people who have spent a lot of time and money on disfiguring the names of some of the best paramotor pilots in the world.  If this is where their time and money is going, when do they really have time to care about you and your experience?  We want you to be safe with your paramotor.  We are concerned about this subject because of the false promises they offer.  Please do your homework before diving in.  Even if it’s not with us, we want you to find the right gear that has been designed for your body and your experience level.  Make sure that you have the paraglider safety gear that with the right training, you hopefully won’t ever need.  Go to www.wppga.org to find dealers and trainers that care about you and that are experts in the sport.  They want you to call and ask questions, leave comments, express concerns, they even want your videos and pictures!  We do too, so you can reach us at (800) 707-2525

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