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The Importance of Paraglider Control in Paramotor Training

Paramotor and training

Paramotor Training in San Diego, Ca.

Paramotor Training in San Diego, Ca.

Paramotor training with the goal of powered paragliding mastery begins with absolute paraglider control.  The key to students graduating from  WPPGA training with such incredible paramotoring skills, is their complete mastery of glider control.  You would not be sent into the air to pilot an airplane without learning the controls first.  The same holds true with these aircrafts.  You don’t want to learn how to kite your paraglider while having a motor strapped to your back, and you definitely don’t want to learn the proper skills and reflexes of glider control WHILE you are in the air.  It is unnecessary and unsafe to do so when you can develop those skills while still on the ground.

With WPPGA training, a Paramotor is not dangerous

There have been ZERO paramotor deaths or permanent injuries of WPPGA paramotor training graduates.  There are however, many lists of serious injuries and deaths of paramotorists.  The reason for this unfortunate fact is a lack of proper training and flying gear unapproved by the WPPGA.  It is extremely common to find paramotor instructors who will throw their students into the air on their first day or two of training.  Thisproves to be a huge problem.  Without developing the proper paragliding skills, students do not have the reflexes to react to situations that can and will arise.  Without trained reflexes you are over 500 times more likely to take a collapse to your paraglider, and reaction times will often be so poor that those without proper training end up doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, making bad situations even worse.  Instructors embodying this method of “training” are rolling the dice with their life and those of their students, and the wrong number comes up over and over again.  Training with the WPPGA will ensure that your paraglider experience will be a safe one.

The paramotor and the instructor

A paramotor instructor’s job is not simply to “get you into the air”.  An instructor’s job is to help students progress in their skills and ensure that those skills are mastered before taking flight.  If you are not ready, then you do not fly.  These are the training methods that should be used by paramotor instructors.  ONLY the WPPGA trains their students according to these practices, which is why WPPGA graduates are the ONLY group to have no permanent injuries or deaths.  If you get the proper training and fly quality equipment, paramotoring is an extremely fun and extremely safe extreme sport.

The Indestructible Flat Top Paramotor – Safest & Most Durable Powered Paraglider on Earth!


A Safe Paramotor is as Essential as Proper Training

Paramotor kiting wars

Paramotor kiting wars

Paramotor safety and durability has a huge impact on powered paraglider statistics. Flat Top paramotors are the safest and most versitile backpack aircraft on the market. The incredible design and quality makes it extremely tuff and durable while years and years of input from all the best pilots has produced a unit that is so safe it is used exclusively by all the best pilots and instructors in the world.  We have taken the paramotor to the next level.

Pleasw be cautious of paramotor training that is offered all over the internet.  Do your research, ask lots of questions and know the history of your trainer.  There are websites out there that focus on bashing and bad talking some of the best paramotor experts in the world.  again, know everything you can about paramotoring and training with a paramotor.  They are a great way to visit the skies and enjoy the freedom that we so often don’t truly understand.  Have fun out there and please, be safe!

 As always, if you need help chosing the right paramotor, please give us a call!

U-Turn New ENC Paraglider

The Passion

Passion Paraglider

U-Turn has just officially release the details on its new high performance glider called the Passion. The Passion is an ENC rated wing with the efficiency of a Comp glider. We are the exclusive dealer for U-Turn Paraglider in the USA in cooperation with U-Turnusa.comaraglider

Pal Takats just set the Chilean Paragliding Distance record on the Passion! He flew over 300kms. Congratulations on this paraglider achievement, Pal!  Check out the U-Turn Passion Product page.

Call one our sales personel for help purchasing this paraglider

Sky Paragliders Anakis 2


“The Sky Paragliders ANAKIS 2 is the successor of the first generation and ever popular entry level EN-B gli.  The goal was not to increase the speed, improve the glide ratio, we did not push the R&D team and test pilots for faster glider to improve the technical date sheet.  The improvements of ANAKIS 2 paragliders lie in the improved efficiency, homogeneity, complexity and pleasure which pilots experience when ANAKIS 2 glides gently into the turbulent air, nicely and comfortably turns and cores the thermals.  No need to mention that the handling remained excellent and still very unique and typical for SKY gliders.  We wanted either the wing to allow the pilot to move forward and improve her/his skills or to understand better the air mass to avoid stress and have fun in during occasional flights.”

Anakis 2 



Layout surface 23.20 25.10 26.80 29.00 

Layout span 10.72 11.15 11.52 11.98 

Layout aspect ratio 4.95 4.95 4.95 4.95 

Projected surface 20.57 22.25 23.77 25.71 

Projected span 8.86 9.22 9.52 9.90 

Projected aspec ratio 3.82 3.82 3.82 3.82 

Number of cells 46 46 46 46 

Take-off load (kg) 58-80 73-95 90-110 103-130 

Weight of the glider (kg) 4.2 4.45 4.7 4.95 

Trim speed (km/h) 37 37 37 37 

Min. speed 23 23 23 23 

Max. speed 50 50 50 50 

Gliding ratio > 8.5 > 8.5 > 8.5 > 8.5 

Min. sink rate < 1.15 < 1.15 < 1.15 < 1.15 

Certification EN B / LTF B 

Click here to view the full press release from Sky Paragliders .Sky Paragliders Anakis 2

For more information about paragliders and wings, call (800) 707-2525

Paramotoring History Made in Night Skies


Paramotoring at Night

It was twilight when the pilots revved up their engines. The lights were switched on. The pilots, strapped to the motors, waited nervously. They had done this before, but this was the first attempt at night. And it’s not everyday that one tries to create an Asian record.  Read More

Paramotoring opens pilot enthusiates and those wishing for the experience as a pilot or a passenger.  TotallyAwesoeme.com is committed to helping make those dreams come true!

For a list and description of our paramotors, please see our paramotor page.

Flat Top Paramotor Fly Camping Trip

Here is the latest paramotor fly camping trip that my brother Eric and I did last week. Having the best gear on the planet makes this one of the best experiences a paramotor pilot can possibly imagine.

All of the gear we fly with can be purchased onsite such as the Hexamid solo Tent, Yeti Passion Five Sleeping bag and the Neo Air mattress. Take a look at our camping gear section for more info and better prices than anywhere else!

Flat Top – POWWWWW!!

The World Best Paramotor – The Flat Top

All of the best pilots choose the flat top, here is a great video U-turn USA has put together showcasing why the flat top paramotor really is the ultimate paramotor on the market today. Great footage and a wonderful showcase of the different paramotor engine models available on the flat top.

U-Turn USA Updates the Flat Top Paramotor Again

Besides being the safest paramotor on the market, the reason we love the flat top paramotor so much is that its continually being updated. We don’t know how they keep figuring out how to make the perfect paramotor even better but hey, we’ll take it! The Flat Top just got updated again with new heat treated cage pieces. They are now stronger than ever and will crush more before cracking. Now every piece on the flat top is heat treated for the ultimate in strength! Don’t trust your life on some 20 year old paramotor design with nothing under your butt but a 1 inch seat cushion!

Team Redbull Flat Top Flying

Team Flat Top Paramotor Pilot and Redbull Pilot Othar Lawrence just put out a new video of him blasting around with his Flat Top Paramotor. Othar is an expert pilot and knows how to throw it down. He chooses flat top paramotors because they are the best perfoming paramotor and by far the safest!

Poor Training and Even Worse Equipment

Here is a great example of poor training and terrible paramotor equipment. Please do your homework before purchasing into supposed quality products out there! Also, get your training done by a quality USHPA or WPPGA paramotor instructor. Don’t be a passenger on your powered paraglider, be the pilot in command!

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