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Paramotor Training and Equipment: Flat Top Takes the Skies!


Flat Top Takes the Skies!


Flat Top Paramotor takes the skies!
Flat Top Paramotor takes the skies!

A Flat Top Paramotor, a bit of free time, and a whole bunch of fun!

Picture yourself in a Flat Top Paramotor!

Do you ever feel like you can’t catch a break and day dream of getting away?  Of just leaving for an hour or two to cut loose from the pressure of work, mundane board room meetings, or life stressors?  It’s time to turn over a new leaf and make more time for you.  The Flat Top Paramotor offers you so many benefits such as easy portability, fast set up, and quick put away.  Even on a lunch break you can take off from your company parking lot and be in the air within minutes for time to clear your head. You will be close to home, but feel like you are worlds away.


Hands down, the Flat Top is the best paramotor on the market.


Flat Top Paramotors are by far the most powerful, quietest, and extremely light weight which means there are no boundaries or limitations to the possibilities you can achieve on this machine. 


Safety is huge, and the Flat Top machine passed the WPPGA safety guidelines with flying colors.  It offers you maximum protection with Kevlar netting that doesn’t stretch to keep you out of the propeller along with 16 inches of crumple zone beneath you to absorb any impact.  It was designed with safety in mind.


The Flat Top also is extremely durable and incredibly strong.  The cage won’t flex if ever bumped so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs.  It is over 100 times stronger than most other models which can make a big difference when it comes to possible mishaps.


TotallyAwesome.com has years of experience and a passion for paramotoring.  I have tried just about every model on the market and the Flat Top trumps all.  I am dedicated to finding and providing the most suitable paramotor for you.  Call now for your new stress management program -USA 1-800-707-2525 or International 1-801-631-1731.

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