Define paramotor

Paramotor adventures on your mind?

Picture yourself in a paramotor or powered paraglider.  You’re hundreds of feet off the ground, climbing to new heights, and free to explore the world around you.  You feel the rush and thrill in the pit of your stomach, sensing that what you are doing is extremely exciting, but knowing that you are safely secured inside your  paramotor.   It is an experience that is unforgettable with edge of your seat excitement.


What is a paramotor?

Paramotors are an ultra light aircraft that is taking the extreme sporting venue by storm.  They have numerous safety features, are durable, and extremely enjoyable to fly.   It is so compact that it will fit in the trunk of your car, and can be set up and have you airborne within minutes.  They are simple enough to control yet have an insane amount of strength and power which really gives it a competitive edge in performance. With no license required, flying really has never been easier.


Passion Paraglider

U-Turn has just officially release the details on its new high performance glider called the Passion.   The Passion Paraglider is an ENC rated wing with the efficiency of a Comp glider. We are the exclusive dealer for U-Turn Paraglider in the USA in cooperation with U-Turnusa.comaraglider


“Pal Takats just set the Chilean Paragliding Distance record on the Passion! He flew over 300kms. Congratulations on this paraglider achievement, Pal!”  Check out the U-Turn Passion Product page.

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TotallyAwesome.com offers you most major brands at affordable prices.  Purchasing a paramotor from totallyawesome.com will leave you feeling confident and satisfied in the equipment you purchase.  With a vast inventory of new and used merchandise, you can be sure you get the most for your money.   If you try a paramotor and decide that it isn’t for you, no worries, you can return your merchandise at no cost to you!


Our Best Paramotor

Flat Top Radne 120 Unit Complete

Price: $ 5,995.00

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Flat Top FT200 Unit Complete

Price: $ 6,995.00

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Flat Top Ninja Unit Complete

Price: $ 7,300.00

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Other Paramotor Deals

Paratoys Package

Price: $ 4,900.00

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Nirvana Package

Price: $ 5,900.00

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Are you ready for a challenge and crave adventure?  What are you waiting for?   Grab the phone now and call USA – 1-888-590-7325 or International – 001-801-631-1731 and get one step closer to your paramotoring expedition today!



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