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Paramotor Training and Equipment: Powered Paraglider


Powered Paraglider

Paraglider on your mind?  Are you looking for excitement?  Have you always wanted to fly but thought you couldn’t afford it?  A Powered Paraglider is an inexpensive way for you to fulfill your dream and give you an unencumbered view of your surroundings.    Imagine looking down on the trees and mountains as you soar with the birds 100′s and 1000′s of feet in the air.  With a paramotor or powered paraglider this is all possible.


Getting Started

To get started with your powered paraglider you need to follow 4 basic steps:

  1. Learn how to fly with the proper Training
  2. Choose the best Paraglider for your situation
  3.  Select the best Paramotor for your situation
  4. Take to the Skies end enjoy your journey!

1) Training

To get started first you need to find an instructor, preferably one with lots of experience.  Don’t go it alone.  An instructor can share their hours and hours of flight knowledge with you in a couple of days that will provide the best experience as well as keep you safe.  With flexible training opportunities, you can find the training schedule that will best fit your needs.

Powered Paraglider

Powered Paraglider Training

2) Paraglider

Are all paragliders or wings the same?  Absolutely not.  Depending on what you are wanting to accomplish certain paragliders will be a better fit for your needs.  Are you looking at extreme flying or just want to take a relaxing flight?  How much you weigh and your height, and your experience all play factors in selecting the best paraglider for your situation.  To talk to an expert call 1-888-590-7325.


3) Paramotor ( Powered Paraglider)

Selecting the paramotor to best fit your needs  is the next step.  Similar to selecting the wing, choosing the best powered paraglider will help you to harvest the most enjoyment from your experience.  It isn’t always about the fastest engine, but it may be about the quietest, or the lightest.   By working with an expert you can find the best paramotor to fit your situation.  An expert can help you find the right one for you, simply call 1-888-590-7325.


4)  Enjoy Your Flight

Last but not least, fly and fly often.  You are on your way to a series of incredible experiences that few people are able to enjoy.  As you develop as a pilot, you will be able to accomplish new maneuvers and  visit place other people only dream about.  You, are Totally Awesome!

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