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Flat Top Radne 120 Unit Complete

Price: $ 5,995.00

The Flat Top 120 is a lightweight option for smaller pilots or for those that want the lightest and safest paramotor. The Radne engine found on the flat top 120 is a very  fuel efficient motor. Weighing in at just 47 pounds, the Flat Top 120 powered by the Radneo Aero 120 and is as simple and reliable as it gets.   Check out our comparison of the Flat Top 120 with other motors available.

The Flat Top 120 comes standard with all of the flat top safety features. Click here if you would like to order a weight shift kit with your flat top.

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ModelNEW Flat Top 120!!Flat Top MZ 313Flat Top RotaryFlat Top M25Y
EngineRadne 120 AeroMZ 313XR50 RotaryBlack Devil 172
CarburatorWalbro VG6TillotsonTillotsonWalbro 37c
Warrantee1 year1 year1 year1 year
Motor CCs120313294172
Max HP14304825
Reduction3.3 to 12.7:13:13:1
Fuel Tank9 liters9 liters9 liters9 liters
Dual Tank9 liters9 liters9 liters9 liters
Duration2.5/5 hrs2/41.75/3.51/2
Ceiling10,000 ft10,00018,00015,000
Pilot lbs90-280140-260140-500140-400
Prop2 blade carbon fiber2 blade carbon fiber2 blade carbon fiber2 blade carbon fiber
Prop size51 inch51 inch51 inch51 inch
Thrust130 lbs140 lbs215 lbs160 lbs
E Startnoyesyeseither
Safety 1-1010101010
Tuffness 1-1010101010
Noise 10-11316
Harnesskevlar quick release

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