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Sky Paraglider- GAIA


Sky Paraglider- GAIA

Price: $ 0.00

GAIA is the first wing in the Sky Paragliders menu designed exclusively for paragliding schools. It will faithfully serve the training and the first Loučky thermal years and become a reliable and popular school wing. GAIA stands a large safety margin in comparison with the performance and stability, even in very turbulent conditions. GAIA is also open to all pilots who are looking for certified, reliable and leaf quality at an affordable price.

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The main characteristics of the glider are:

  • Ease of preparation for launch

  • Easy to start

  • Management with adequate responses, which will teach the pilot to respond quickly to the glider

  • Stability in Turbulent Times

  • Performance

  • Intuitive and easy landing

  • Certified EN B / LTF B

  • The joy of flight

  • Predictable response to SIV figures certification or curriculum

  • Low weight

  • Extremely durable and resistant materials

From the development team:

The aim was to develop a durable glider with all the qualities of a typical wing elements such as Sky Paragliders tuned control, responses and feelings of wings in flight. And it all had to be achieved from a very competitive price. We believe that did it.


The canopy

Canopy sew the material manufacturer in South Korea Dokdo Dominico Textiles. For optimal results combine several fabrics and several types of coating, minimize natural aging fabric and yet does not increase the weight of the glider.
top and bottom covers are made ​​from material N20 Dokdo-DMF (WR) on the weight of 36 grams per square meter.
Profiles are made ​​from material Until N30-DFM.
Our choice can be compared with the original technical data sheets . material is made ​​to the structure of weaving "Rip Stop" polyamide fibers (PA 6.6) by the American firm DU PONT .


To bind glider GAIA we used high-quality lines from the German firm EDELRID and Cousin TRESTEC , which show high resistance to mechanical wear and stability of exact length.

The upper gallery is laid up Edelrid 7850-080 with a diameter of 1.0 mm, the core is made of "dyneema" braided polyester. The lower lines are made of a series of lines and brakes Cousin EDELRID 7850-200.


The risers are made ​​of webbing width of 20 mm from the supplier TISNOV FLOUR . The main lines are connected to free ends with snap hooks DELTA 3.5 from the French supplier Maillon Rapide .

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