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Sky Paraglider Cima K2


Sky Paraglider Cima K2

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Price: $ 3,800.00

The Cima is an all new glider in a class of its own. It is the multi-purpose glider suitable for everypilots needs. Despite its light weight and compact size the Cima is a glider without compromise. It has performance to rival any Standard class paraglider.

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CIMA K2 glider is designed for all lovers of flying "travel light." 
This is a modification of the popular wing CIMA , where pilots appreciate the minimum weight, compactness and much needed stability for not only flying in the mountains.

CIMA K2 glider is suitable (due to its material composition) next to a mountain flying and normal flying without fear of excessive wear exclusive materials.

CIMA K2 is travel light flying in the concept even further, it is an ultralight wing (only 3.5 kg in size M), which ensures maximum durability careful combination of materials (27 SKYTEX classic on the seat 40 and SKYTEX deperlant most tired at the leading edge).

For glider CIMA K2 is a valid test of the existing canopy CIMA - AFNOR Standard.
CIMA K2 is intended for:

  • Mountain flying, hiking and trekking para

  • Winter flying in combination with a ski-touring (ten-pound backpack easily take with you, at patnáctikilového backpack that's not so easy ...)

  • Bivouac flying and shipping

  • Travelers who CIMU with the whole set, (sofa SKYLIGHT or SKYLIGHT tourist and parachuteSKY LITE ) can take the plane as hand luggage ...

The main advantages CIMY K2:

  • Mountain special made from a combination of modern (27 SKYTEX classic) and classic (SKYTEX 40) materials dyneemových lines (braided main lines) and standard 13 mm free end

  • This is more than special-purpose mountain created - CIMA K2 is a full-slip ratio wing with more than 8 and a perfect and precise control

  • Precise handling and maximum quality

The weight of the mountain set (harness SKYLIGHT or SKYLIGHT tourist and rescue SKY LITE ) including helmet, should not exceed more than 6 pounds - according to other equipment, the pilot needs to fly ...


The canopy

Canopy sew The French supplier Porcher Sport NCV of group companies. In the last two years, the contractor engaged in the development of new hard and more resistant coating and created a new generation of materials that came to be known under the term New Skytex .

The new coating is more resistant to abrasion, sunlight and moisture.

The fabrics and design parts using SKYTEX 27 classic , most tired of the leading edge cut is then made ​​of deperlant Skytex 40 , which is material to minimize aging of the most exposed part of the canopy. Profiles and diagonal or diagonal segments are made ​​of materials SKYTEX 9017 with coating E29A .

The material is made ​​to the structure of weaving "Rip Stop" polyamide fibers (PA 6.6) by the American firm DU PONT .


To bind glider CIMA K2 was used for the upper gallery of technologically advanced lines from the French firm Cousin . Neopletené cord TOP LINE Ultimate 16,175 are made ​​of dyneema and their stability and resistance to mechanical wear is superior (see technical data ).

For main lines, we used high-quality cord PPSL by the German firm Liros which show high resistance to mechanical wear and stability of exact length. The core is made ​​of dyneema braid and polyester.


The risers are made ​​of webbing width 13 mm from the supplier TISNOV FLOUR . The main lines are connected to free ends with snap hooks STANDARD 3.5 from the French supplier Maillon Rapide .

In 2007, Sky Paragliders company was selected for the affiliate program 100% SKYTEX. This "seal" means and ensures that our products are not "seskládány" of multiple materials with different aging time and pace that we use for their gliders only the best of what is currently available on the market. As partners in this project, we also have access to the latest and most modern materials.

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