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Sky Paraglider – ANAKIS 2


Sky Paraglider – ANAKIS 2

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ANAKIS 2 is a second generation wing wing wing in a row on the very lower end of the EN B category (ie low EN B). Predecessor ANAKISe 2 belonged to the very popular wings and certainly not easy to overcome legend and offer something extra, which I believe they succeeded.

R & D team will try to improve the value of sliding, speed parachute, only to be for marketing reasons, improved technical data. Our analysis is based on the fact that the glider on its category, offering ample power, but it is still necessary to better balance, improve the utilization potential of the small wings and pilot errors, improve homogeneity and to offer more comfort and therefore the joy of each flight.

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Main features:


  • Accuracy of control

  • Sense of security and peace

  • Progressive and balanced management

  • Excellent glide ratio at the minimum speed

  • Excellent glide ratio at maximum speed with speed system

  • Easy to start

  • Performance

  • A high proportion of passive safety

  • Low weight (4.45 kg in size M) 

  • High quality workmanship and superior materials


ANAKIS 2 but must first try, it's not a parachute, which is possible to write and speak. Make sure you test flights at Sky Paragliders nearest dealer.

ANAKIS 2 is designed primarily for glider pilots:


  • who are already on their way to their individual flying. It is a wing for the first flights and occasional flights.

  • looking for simple solutions and are seeking comfort in flight and experiences.

  • who want to fly on the wing, where they can focus on their own age do not have to concentrate on controlling their own glider.

  • looking for a wing for universal use, with a parachute for trekking or for occasional flights for travel as well as for the first overflight trials.


ANAKIS 2 wing is tested in the category EN B and LTF-B. It is a wing with low aspect ratio, which offers homogeneity and predictable behavior. ANAKIS 2 is especially designed to make the pilots feel comfortable there, because combining the high passive safety and sufficient, readily usable power.

ANAKIS 2 , like all other products made ​​by Sky Paragliders most modern technologies, which include, for example cutting machines and CNC machines for production lines.

The production ANAKISe 2 , we used the best available materials: Fabric manufacturer DOMINICA Textiles is used for the ribs and diagonal braces, the same fabric with a soft coating was used on the top and bottom covers split covers. Cords are used by manufacturers and EDELRID Liros.PEGUET the contractor snap hooks and flour supplies us with straps. All our products are manufactured in Europe, the Czech Republic. Production has a number of quality certificates, among others, then the ISO: 2001.

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