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Sky Paraglider Antea 2


Sky Paraglider Antea 2

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Price: $ 3,800.00

Antea 2 is Sky’s newest enc rated performance glider. A big improvement over their first Antea glider certified in the EN-C category. The focus at the development stage was to make the fabulous Sky handling even better, to improve the weight ranges to match the majority pilots and still to achieve outstanding performance with a reliable and safe aspect ratio. ANTEA is suitable for paramotoring flying and it can be supplied with risers with or without trimmers.

Call to Order!

ANTEA 2 is a sports category EN C glider designed for XC racing and flying. Balanced management SKY allows pilots to fly with a great feel for the conditions and use up all benefits glider flight - high efficiency rotating, high glide ratio and speed.

ANTEA 2 is equipped with new technological features (eg adiPRENE braces, racing lines, new high-profile), but retains the typical behavior with a high degree of passive safety and the ability to separate the issues of regeneration and very low weight.

Main features:

  • SKY balanced management - simple and nice

  • High glide ratio

  • High efficiency with speed system

  • Intuitively manageable performance

  • High safety level - a number of safety maneuvers in category B

  • Test with the addition of 25 kg (sizes M, L) and 15 kg (size XL) for flying paramotorové

From the development team:

The aim was to develop a glider that will bring the same performance-upper limit of safety EN C category, but it retains all the typical characteristics of the manuscript and Sky Paragliders gliders while maintaining reasonable values ​​thinness. And it went well!


The canopy

Canopy sew the material manufacturer in South Korea Dokdo Dominico Textiles. For optimal results combine several fabrics and several types of coating, minimize natural aging fabric and yet does not increase the weight of the glider. 
top and bottom covers are made ​​from material N20 Dokdo-DMF (WR) on the weight of 36 grams per square meter. 
Profiles are made ​​from material Until N30-DFM and divided by the front panel leading edge is designed for increased durability of the material Dokdo-N20 DMF (WR) weighing 38 grams per square meter. 
Our choice can be compared with the original technical data sheets .

The material is made ​​to the structure of weaving "Rip Stop" polyamide fibers (PA 6.6) by the American firm DU PONT .


To bind glider ANTEA 2, we used a very good line from the German firm EDELRID and Liros which show high resistance to mechanical wear and stability of exact length.

The upper gallery is laid up Edelrid 7000-080 diameter of 0.75 mm. The lower lines are made of PPSL 200, 160 and 120 Liros and brakes EDELRID 7850-200.


The risers are made ​​of webbing width 13 mm from the supplier TISNOV FLOUR . The main lines are connected to the free end with 5.3 Normal-type snap hooks INOX from the French supplierMaillon Rapide .

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