U-Turn Blacklight

Price: $ 4,300.00

Paragliding has gone to a whole new extreme!  U-Turn takes a fresh, new approach in flying with the BLACKLIGHT! Featuring the latest designs from chief designer Ernst Strobl, you are now offered a combination of  high-tech flying and acrobatics, along with competition wings that are usable for leisure pilots.  It is now available in all 4 sizes and are certified to EN/LTF B category.  Which means you will get a thrilling performance along with certified safety features.

The BLACKLIGHT has a very intricate, well thought out line configuration. Strobl explained his thought process when deciding the line placement, “For the main lines we use only Aramid/Kevlar lines in 11 different diameters”  Each line is calculated exactly to its demanded strength to use the maximum potential of the wing. “The thinnest line on the wingtip got a diameter of 0.55mm, the strongest one in the middle of the wing 1.7mm.” The BLACKLIGHT S total line length was able to minimized to 211 meters, and the BLACKLIGHT L minimized to 267 meters because of the 2 -lines system of the wing.


Just a few more of the features that helps this machine soar above all the competition:

*The BLACKLIGHT got a 10:1 glide ratio and an aspect ratio of 5,8.

*The cross ventilation openings in the ribs, which makes for versatile handling and high dependability.

*Like the successful PASSION, the BLACKLIGHT is equipped with the High Definition Profile (HDP). HDP is the thin plastic rods on the topsail which cover about 45% to 80% of the profile depth.

*Use of supreme NCV fabric material. The glider is constructed from Skytex, the topsail using 40grams and is water repellent, and the bottomsail being 36grams.

*A PPN-system, instead of the heavy nose mylar for easy take off.

*This machine turns at will in the climate change and will quickly gain altitude.


For the U-Turn weight range, the wing is certified to: 60-90kg for the BLACKLIGHT S, 75-100kg for the BLACKLIGHT SM, 85-100kg for the BLACKLIGHT M, and 100-125kg for the BLACKLIGHT L.

Each time a new machine gets introduced to the extreme sporting venue, the bar gets raised higher and higher. The BLACKLIGHT is no exception, with the latest technology you will get the best glider performance that will stand unsurpassed.





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