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Paramania Fusion vs. Antea 2 vs. Ozone Speedster

Paramotor comparison Paramania Fusion vs Ozone Speedster vs Antea 2 from Sky Paragliders. Powered paragliding review side by side test. In this comparison the Antea 2 from Sky Paragliders blazed on by the Paramania Fusion and was a bit faster than the Ozone Speedster. Numerous deaths have occured on "reflex" gliders as they are known and because of piles of money spent in marketing on these uncertified wings most people don't know what they are really getting compared to other wings as they don't have much data to go on. All 3 gliders in this comparison are EN-C certified at trim speed and marketed as EN-C gliders. The Paramania Fusion and Ozone Speedster though which are called "reflex" wings cannot pass any level of certification in "reflex" mode. Most people don't realize the huge loss of safety by flying these uncertified wings and even fewer realize they can get a fully certified wing like the Antea 2 which can indeed be fully accelerated in it's certified configuration and since it also out performs the less safe wings it makes no sense at all to sacrifice safety. This is no small difference. When a reflex glider collapses the results are so violent that numerous people have died. Even one safety test pilot trying to conduct very basic safety tests in a controlled enviroment died after the Dudek Nucleon glider collapse and went into such a violent spin that the pilot loss conscieness. Any certified glider would have almost for sure recovered on its own but "reflex" gliders are our worst nightmare because they CAN'T pass any of those life saving certifications. So the pilot died after the glider never recovered. What's worse that is often when they collapse the pilot has zero control to either prevent the collapse or help the glider recover where a good certified glider keeps the pilot in full control and even in a collapse the pilot often has full control with which to drastically improve the outcome of the scenario. Now if people realized that certified gliders often have much better performance as well like you see in this video it would be an easy choice to stay away from the uncertified "reflex" wings.

Sadly the pilot flying the Paramania Fusion in this very video only days later took a collapse, the glider reacted exactly like you see in the video and he tumbled all the way to the ground and hit upside down and was unconscious for an hour and forty five minutes. It is miracle he lived to tell the tale. He reportedly ordered 3 certified gliders immediately following that incident.

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