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The Importance of Paraglider Control in Paramotor Training

Paramotor and training

Paramotor Training in San Diego, Ca.

Paramotor Training in San Diego, Ca.

Paramotor training with the goal of powered paragliding mastery begins with absolute paraglider control.  The key to students graduating from  WPPGA training with such incredible paramotoring skills, is their complete mastery of glider control.  You would not be sent into the air to pilot an airplane without learning the controls first.  The same holds true with these aircrafts.  You don’t want to learn how to kite your paraglider while having a motor strapped to your back, and you definitely don’t want to learn the proper skills and reflexes of glider control WHILE you are in the air.  It is unnecessary and unsafe to do so when you can develop those skills while still on the ground.

With WPPGA training, a Paramotor is not dangerous

There have been ZERO paramotor deaths or permanent injuries of WPPGA paramotor training graduates.  There are however, many lists of serious injuries and deaths of paramotorists.  The reason for this unfortunate fact is a lack of proper training and flying gear unapproved by the WPPGA.  It is extremely common to find paramotor instructors who will throw their students into the air on their first day or two of training.  Thisproves to be a huge problem.  Without developing the proper paragliding skills, students do not have the reflexes to react to situations that can and will arise.  Without trained reflexes you are over 500 times more likely to take a collapse to your paraglider, and reaction times will often be so poor that those without proper training end up doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, making bad situations even worse.  Instructors embodying this method of “training” are rolling the dice with their life and those of their students, and the wrong number comes up over and over again.  Training with the WPPGA will ensure that your paraglider experience will be a safe one.

The paramotor and the instructor

A paramotor instructor’s job is not simply to “get you into the air”.  An instructor’s job is to help students progress in their skills and ensure that those skills are mastered before taking flight.  If you are not ready, then you do not fly.  These are the training methods that should be used by paramotor instructors.  ONLY the WPPGA trains their students according to these practices, which is why WPPGA graduates are the ONLY group to have no permanent injuries or deaths.  If you get the proper training and fly quality equipment, paramotoring is an extremely fun and extremely safe extreme sport.

Choosing the BEST Paramotor

Paramotor Choices

Flat Top Ninja Paramotor

Flat Top Ninja Paramotor

Flat Top Paramotor

Many paramotor choices, here is a Flat Top Paramotor

A Paramotor, huh?  Imagine being able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day.  No need to worry about deadlines or responsibilities, just you and the beauty of the world around you from the sky.  At www.u-turnusa.com you will find some of the lowest prices on a new paramotor ,paraglider or equipment, and largest selection of paramotors to choose from. You can rest assured that you will find the machine that best suites you for what you want to use it for.  Whether you are an adrenaline junkie looking for your next high, or needing some time to get away from it all.  Easy to fly, paramotors are thrilling and reliable.  Your paramotoring experience will afford you the security of the latest safety equipment and tons of extra features to make your flight uncomparable.  You will find several stylish designs and the sleekest models available.  With quick set up, you can be in the air within minutes.  You will be addicted from very first flight once you realize how easy they are to control and guide. Paramotoring has become our passion, and we want to share our passion with you. Choosing the BEST PARAMOTOR just got easy!

And of course, you can contact us and we will help you find the perfect paramotor match.

Awesome Paramotor Testimonials

Firsthand Testimonials from real Paramotor users

Paramotor Testimonials

Paramotor Testimonials

The following testimonials are from Real paramotor enthusiates who want to share their excitement.  Take some time to look over what some of our friends have to say about their experiences.  If you have a stroy to share, please e-mail it to ppghero@gmail.com

Flat Top Paramotor & U-Turn Reflaction Paraglider!


A Paramotor Team

The U-Turn Reflaction paraglider is highly efficient, fast, and allows pilots to maintain full active flying control throughout the trim range.  Even with a huge 28m above his head, the pilot easily passed fellow Flat Top Team Pilot who was overloaded on a 22m Antea 2!

The Antea 2 is a fast glider for a paramotor.  We will have more videos to come on this new glider and plan on testing smaller sizes in the near future. U-Turn has a smaler size- a 26 and may be making an even smaller one- 22m.

If you’re an advanced pilot, this may be your next wing. Give us a call to find out more. We will have more up on the website very soon!

A Paramotor and Paraglider is an important choice so if you need help, we are here for you!

Paraglider Competition! Kiting Wars Begin!

Incredible Paraglider Excitement!

Nucleon Vs. K2, a paraglider competition

Shane and Dell had a  kite war, each using a different paraglider.  Shane entered this war using the Nucleon; and his competition’s paraglider was the K2.  As you can tell from the video, the K2 stayed pressurized for a longer peirod of time than the Nucleon.  Yes, your kite will make a big difference.

The Cima K2  made by Sky, has the amazing abliity to fly slower and faster than the Nuvleon while still keeping all of it’s cerified ratings, whereas the nucleon becomes unrated as the trimmers are released.

In this paraglider war, the K2 is the one to buy!

Paramotor Kiting Wars

Paramotor Kiting Wars

Worlds Youngest Paramotor Pilot! AMAZING!


Amazing 10 year old flying a Paramotor

December 29th marked Jordan Schanze’s first foot launched paramotor flight on his flat top paramotor. Master pilot and instructor Dell Schanze taught his son Jordan how to fly and as you can tell, this kid really knows what he’s doing!

Coupled with a Flat Top 120 and a 20m speedmaster rocket, Jordan took to the skies in an effortless run skyward. Congratulations, you’re an inspiration for us all!

Nice work Flat Top Paramotors!

For more awesome Paramotor videos, check out Youtube’s Best Paramotor Videos

Paramania Fusion vs. Antea 2 vs. Ozone Speedster

Paramotor comparison Paramania Fusion vs Ozone Speedster vs Antea 2 from Sky Paragliders. Powered paragliding review side by side test. In this comparison the Antea 2 from Sky Paragliders blazed on by the Paramania Fusion and was a bit faster than the Ozone Speedster. Numerous deaths have occured on "reflex" gliders as they are known and because of piles of money spent in marketing on these uncertified wings most people don't know what they are really getting compared to other wings as they don't have much data to go on. All 3 gliders in this comparison are EN-C certified at trim speed and marketed as EN-C gliders. The Paramania Fusion and Ozone Speedster though which are called "reflex" wings cannot pass any level of certification in "reflex" mode. Most people don't realize the huge loss of safety by flying these uncertified wings and even fewer realize they can get a fully certified wing like the Antea 2 which can indeed be fully accelerated in it's certified configuration and since it also out performs the less safe wings it makes no sense at all to sacrifice safety. This is no small difference. When a reflex glider collapses the results are so violent that numerous people have died. Even one safety test pilot trying to conduct very basic safety tests in a controlled enviroment died after the Dudek Nucleon glider collapse and went into such a violent spin that the pilot loss conscieness. Any certified glider would have almost for sure recovered on its own but "reflex" gliders are our worst nightmare because they CAN'T pass any of those life saving certifications. So the pilot died after the glider never recovered. What's worse that is often when they collapse the pilot has zero control to either prevent the collapse or help the glider recover where a good certified glider keeps the pilot in full control and even in a collapse the pilot often has full control with which to drastically improve the outcome of the scenario. Now if people realized that certified gliders often have much better performance as well like you see in this video it would be an easy choice to stay away from the uncertified "reflex" wings.

Sadly the pilot flying the Paramania Fusion in this very video only days later took a collapse, the glider reacted exactly like you see in the video and he tumbled all the way to the ground and hit upside down and was unconscious for an hour and forty five minutes. It is miracle he lived to tell the tale. He reportedly ordered 3 certified gliders immediately following that incident.

Paramotor Rocketship – The U-Turn Reflaction

The U-Turn Reflaction is the first ‘reflex’ glider Dell has ever tested that he has absolutely fallen in love with. It is highly efficient, fast and allows pilots to maintain full active flying control through out the trim range. Even with a huge 28m above his head, dell easily passed fellow Flat Top Team Pilot Shane Denherder who was overloaded on a 22m Antea 2! The Antea 2 is a fast glider, Dell just walked by it like it was nothing. We will have more videos to come on this new glider and plan on testing smaller sizes in the near future. U-Turn has a smaller size- a 26 and may be making an even smaller one- 22m.

If you’re an advanced pilot, this may be your next wing. Give us a call to find out more. We will have more up on the website very soon!

Customer Appreciation Videos

Customers who buy Flat Tops have the most fun of any paramotor pilot. Why? They rarely ever have any problems. Quality engineering and design lets our customers enjoy flying without the hassle of broken equipment typically found in this sport. The following videos are some of our customers at play.

U-Turn USA Updates the Flat Top Paramotor Again

Besides being the safest paramotor on the market, the reason we love the flat top paramotor so much is that its continually being updated. We don’t know how they keep figuring out how to make the perfect paramotor even better but hey, we’ll take it! The Flat Top just got updated again with new heat treated cage pieces. They are now stronger than ever and will crush more before cracking. Now every piece on the flat top is heat treated for the ultimate in strength! Don’t trust your life on some 20 year old paramotor design with nothing under your butt but a 1 inch seat cushion!

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