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Paraglider Competition! Kiting Wars Begin!

Incredible Paraglider Excitement!

Nucleon Vs. K2, a paraglider competition

Shane and Dell had a  kite war, each using a different paraglider.  Shane entered this war using the Nucleon; and his competition’s paraglider was the K2.  As you can tell from the video, the K2 stayed pressurized for a longer peirod of time than the Nucleon.  Yes, your kite will make a big difference.

The Cima K2  made by Sky, has the amazing abliity to fly slower and faster than the Nuvleon while still keeping all of it’s cerified ratings, whereas the nucleon becomes unrated as the trimmers are released.

In this paraglider war, the K2 is the one to buy!

Paramotor Kiting Wars

Paramotor Kiting Wars

Sky Paragliders Anakis 2


“The Sky Paragliders ANAKIS 2 is the successor of the first generation and ever popular entry level EN-B gli.  The goal was not to increase the speed, improve the glide ratio, we did not push the R&D team and test pilots for faster glider to improve the technical date sheet.  The improvements of ANAKIS 2 paragliders lie in the improved efficiency, homogeneity, complexity and pleasure which pilots experience when ANAKIS 2 glides gently into the turbulent air, nicely and comfortably turns and cores the thermals.  No need to mention that the handling remained excellent and still very unique and typical for SKY gliders.  We wanted either the wing to allow the pilot to move forward and improve her/his skills or to understand better the air mass to avoid stress and have fun in during occasional flights.”

Anakis 2 



Layout surface 23.20 25.10 26.80 29.00 

Layout span 10.72 11.15 11.52 11.98 

Layout aspect ratio 4.95 4.95 4.95 4.95 

Projected surface 20.57 22.25 23.77 25.71 

Projected span 8.86 9.22 9.52 9.90 

Projected aspec ratio 3.82 3.82 3.82 3.82 

Number of cells 46 46 46 46 

Take-off load (kg) 58-80 73-95 90-110 103-130 

Weight of the glider (kg) 4.2 4.45 4.7 4.95 

Trim speed (km/h) 37 37 37 37 

Min. speed 23 23 23 23 

Max. speed 50 50 50 50 

Gliding ratio > 8.5 > 8.5 > 8.5 > 8.5 

Min. sink rate < 1.15 < 1.15 < 1.15 < 1.15 

Certification EN B / LTF B 

Click here to view the full press release from Sky Paragliders .Sky Paragliders Anakis 2

For more information about paragliders and wings, call (800) 707-2525

Your Dream Has Come True- Enter To Win A Free Paramotor!


Who wants to win a FREE paramotor? No, not some old beat up used junker and no not just a regular run of the mill one either. We are working with U-Turn USA to give away the latest and greatest paramotor on the market today. Yep- were giving away a 2011 Flat Top 185 Ninja. Brand new, just for one lucky winner. Our contest starts today and is going until Midnight on October 31st. We will be drawing a winner (3 actually) on November 5th so get yourself entered today for a chance to win!

Please read all of our contest rules and info before filling out the form on our paramotor contest page.


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