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Can’t Touch This


Don’t try this at home kids. Master Paramoteur (paramotor) pilot SUPERDELL Schanze can throw down wing tip drag after wing tip drag. This photograph was taken by SUPERShane out in Oregon. Equipment of choice – Flat Top 185 Ninja and a size small Sky Eris 4 Search and Rescue Edition paraglider.

Fast Paragliders

Team Totally Awesome Pilot Dell Schanze recently broke the sound barrier while flying a napkin in 100 mph winds…. No seriously though – SUPERDELL has successfully flown an 8sm Morpheus glider off the beaches in Oregon. Below is a video of Dell doing a downwind flyby. Keep in mind the wind is only blowing 10-15mph. Dell is doing nearly 45mph at TRIM speed. Time to break the ulralight speed limit! Whoever thought that was even possible while paragliding!


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